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cloudlinux 8 and conflict runing /scripts/update-packages error



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  Can you run this command on the system to see if that older package is possibly installed from a testing repository or other non-standard source?

    yum whatprovides ea-php53-php-fpm
  • AICT

    It looks like these temporary files:


    Are conflicting with the new php-fpm package (ea-php53-php-fpm-1:5.3.29-29.el8.cloudlinux.45.x86_64).

    Try moving them and try the update one more time You can do so by running:

    # mv /opt/cpanel/ea-php53/root/var/run/php-fpm /root/php-fpm_run
    # mv /opt/cpanel/ea-php53/root/var/log/php-fpm /root/php-fpm_log
    # yum update


  • diogo_plta

    Thank you AICT. Moving these files the /scripts/update-packages worked fine.

    But no php-fpm file was replaced in /opt/cpanel/ea-php53/root/var/run/ and /log/. As no site is using the php 5.3 this worked for me.


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