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CCS replacement



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  While I know it's happening, I don't have any news on the replacement just yet.

  • coolcom

    OK... appreciate the comment... will stay aware of updates.

  • Ryan Smith

    What's the best place to find active CCS users? Would it be /opt/cpanel-ccs/data/Logs/access.log?

    We're planning migrations from CL7 to CL9 so I need to find and migrate active users to CL8 servers.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Ryan Smith - I reached out to the team and they let me know that generic activity in the logs aren't necessarily a good indication of an active user.  A better way to see if there are CCS users is to check the database itself to see if there are any calendars in use:

    #psql --user caldav postgesql://?host=opt/cpanel-ccs/data/Data/Database/psqlsocks
    #select count(*) from calendar_object;

    If that returns data from the "count" column output, you'll know there are active users on the system. 

    To find the users, you could then go through the logs and look for output similar to the following:

    x.x.x.x - username [04/Mar/2024:14:14:00 -0500] "REPORT(DAV:expand-property) / HTTP/1.1" 207 388 "-" "OS/#.#.# CalendarSoftware/1.2.3"

    or something similar that would represent an actual connection linked to a specific username.

    I know that isn't the easiest solution, but it's likely the most accurate.  I suppose if you know for certain there are calendar users, you could skip the psql commands completely.


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