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DISKWARN blocks ⚠: Mount Point “/boot”



  • rbairwell

    You'll either need to remove any unnecessary files in /boot (be careful), increase the size of that partition or  change the amount listed under WHM->Tweak Settings->Notifications->Account system disk usage.... (I've currently got the "warn" threshold at 94% and critical at 96%). In your case with just 67Mb available of 507Mb, I would see about resizing the /boot partition.

    cPanel suggests servers should just have 2 partitions - a swap one of 4Gb and the remainder being / ( see etc). Red Hat Linux 7.3 suggested a minimum of 1Gb for /boot , Ubuntu 20.04 suggested 732Mb, Ubuntu 22.04 suggests 1.67Gb - so 507Mb is quite low

  • Unknown User

    cPanel suggests servers should just have 2 partitions, Can i make it 2 partitions? and how? It is secure without data lose? I have another vps server there is only 2 partitions it is good. 

    Current Disk Usage Information

      Device Size Used Available Percent Used Mount Point
      /dev/loop0 3.9G 204K 3.7G 1% /tmp
      /dev/vda2 118G 16G 97G 14% /
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    That would be up to your hosting provider to decide - some hosts have tools to resize partitions readily available, but some don't.  There isn't anything inside cPanel that will allow you to perform this work as that is controlled by the operating system.



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