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Database Performance increase



  • rbairwell

    Have you conducted any database configuration optimisations? To start with, you can do this via WHM (under SQL->Services->Edit SQL Configuration->Review Suggestions) - but if you wanted to "step it up a notch", then I highly recommend looking at MySQLTuner ( ).

    It would also be worth setting up the nginx proxy cache via EasyApache and also consider ensuring all WordPress sites are using appropriate caching plugins (such as Automattic's own "WP Super Cache").

    If those changes don't make a big difference, then it's time to start manually investigating -  I would personally start by ensuring a monitoring suite such as munin (available in WHM under cPanel->Manage Plugins and then at the bottom of the WHM menu once installed) to get an idea of what is causing the issues (memory, disk usage, CPU blocked etc) and also WHM->SQL->Show MYSQL Processes.

    I would also be running mytop ( ) and see if something continually takes time and then target that request - along with enabling MySQL/Maraidb's "slow query log".

    Once you have some data, I would then walk through the slow queries and see if optimisation can take place - if you are running mainly 3rd party software such as WordPress (and especially WooCommerce), there's not much you will be able to do - WordPress does have an "issue" with its database usage (lots of things like to use the post_meta table to store absolutely anything).

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    It sounds like there could be something else happening with the system too, as WHM and cPanel are not database driven, so performance issues with MariaDB would not affect those interfaces.

    rbairwell's advice is solid, as usual, but you may also want to check the server's health in general if you're seeing issues with the server interfaces directly.

  • ShoHost

    i hot another issue now i done
    #vi ssd_test.fio
    *and enter*


    #fio ssd_test.fio

    now now i got the error aftet it fun completely
    [root@server ~]# yum clear
    -bash: /usr/bin/yum: Input/output error
    [root@server ~]# which l
    -bash: /usr/bin/which: Input/output error
    [root@server ~]#

    not even reboot is happening.

  • rbairwell

    I've never encountered FIO before, so I can't comment on its correct usage - sorry. I suspect you'll need to contact your hosting provider/datacentre as either there is a boot issue (which can be fixed by console access) or the SSD has failed (which this "feels" like - operating systems don't like it when SSDs fail and fall into a "read only" mode - my desktop SSD did this and Windows refused to boot from it: but without a useful error message).


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