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DNS setting up an incoming A record



  • mtindor

    So, you are hosting a website for a client ( is the site) but DNS and Email are handled externally?   I think I understand that much, and that's quite typical.

    "The account that should be loaded is already associated with another address, for testing purposes.The website needs to be loaded on two separate addresses."

    I do not understand what the above statement means.

    Typically, when we add a hosting account for a site which we aren't going to handle DNS, we will ask the client to add a "" A-record in DNS pointing to our server.   Then, in cPanel --> Domains, we will add "" and have it "Share Document Root".   Then we will develop the site using

    When it's time for the site to go "live", we instruct the client to change the @ / www IP address to our server IP address (and tell them to make sure that they don't have any other records CNAMEd to @ before they make the change).   We warn the client about this because often you will find that important records like the mailserver ( is CNAMED to @.   As soon as they change @ to point to our server, their mail stops working because inbound mail is redirected to our server as it all of their email clients.

    Once the site is "live" on our server, we change the Site/Home URL in Wordpress to or and then use a serialized search/replace tool to replace any reference of "" in the database to "".   Of course, oftentimes if you are using a slider or a special theme, you have to go into the theme or slider config and adjust a URL that may still be referencing ""

    In addition, we often will use a subdomain of from our own domain to develop under.  For instance, we might add the hosting account for and then add [in our DNS] domaink.cp.<ourdomain.ext>.   And then we will go into cPanel --> Domains and add domaink.cp.<ourdomain.ext> and Share Document Root.   Then we will develop under https://domaink.cp.<ourdomain.ext> .

    I prefer the customer add a "dev.<theirdomain.ext>" to their DNS though.  But sometimes it's just easier for us to develop under a subdomain of our own.


  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    To me, if I'm reading this correctly, it sounds like they just need to add an A record for that is pointed to the correct IP address, like what mtindor said.


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