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User Analytics ID Removal



  • quietFinn

    WHM -> Server Configuration -> Configure cPanel Analytics

    In here:
    it says:
    "Interface Analytics allows us to collect data about how users navigate cPanel, WHM, and Webmail from within the interface. We automatically install the Interface Analytics plugin by default but do not enable it. The server owner and individual users must enable this before data collection begins."


  • Addam12

    Thanks for that quietFinn ,

    We have it disabled at server level, but it's still showing an all users accounts. We would like to remove it from their accounts. Also not seeing the graph icon in any account as it says in the doc.

    Any idea folks?



  • quietFinn

    There is no graph icon because it's disabled at server level, so a cPanel user can't enable it.


  • Addam12

    Thanks again,

    So I guess there's no way to not show the user analytics id above the theme. Maybe cPanel can offer that in the future.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    I confirmed on my end that there isn't a way to keep that from showing up at this time.  Could you submit a feature request over at  I'm actually scheduled to go through them tomorrow as I do that every two weeks, so I'll see it!


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