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Installing PHP 7.4 on Ubuntu v22.04.4 running cPanel Version 120.0.8



  • ffeingol

    While I have not used it on Ubuntu, you could look at Hardened PHP for CloudLinux.  I'm sure the CloudLInux folks would be happy to answer questions about it.

  • Unnamed User

    @ffeingol, Thank you for the response! I will definitely consider this. It does not appear that they support Ubuntu v22, but this could be a possible solution!

  • vacancy

    Ubuntu 22 only supports php 8.1 and above.

    You can use ubuntu 20.04 and cpanel 118 version to use php 7.4 in ubuntu without using additional software.

    Ubuntu 20.04 does not support cpanel 120 version, so you must edit the cpupdate.conf file to install cpanel 118 version on ubuntu 20.04.


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