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Regeneration of NGINX configuration



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  I would imagine the nightly maintenance rebuilds the configuration file, but I wouldn't expect it to clear the cache.  Do you know what specific time this is happening?

  • Dimitris Andrikopoulos

    This case seems to be as if the script "/scripts/ea-nginx conf --all" were executed:

    • The configuration file "/etc/nginx/conf.d/users/myuser.conf" is regenerated.
    • The NGINX cache is cleared.
    • The NGINX service is restarted so as to load the newly generated configuration file in case something has changed.

    The above process happens at 6:39 in the morning. Is there any process of NGINX Reverse Proxy that periodically rebuilds the configuration file "/etc/nginx/conf.d/users/myuser.conf"? If yes, is there any way to stop this very process, or at least avoid the cache clearance?


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