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  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  No, you likely won't be able to fix anything on a Shared server as the server owner isn't going to want to adjust things just for your domain.  You *may* be able to fix the Reverse DNS issue if your domain is on a dedicated IP address on that Shared machine.

    The TLS test is likely happening over port 25, which wouldn't be the secure port anyway, as all cPanel servers do have secure connections available for email, so you can ignore that portion of the error.

  • elk

    hi cPRex

    Thanks for your response.

    It's not a shared server; it's a dedicated server for us, but we will be onboarding many clients. Our provider confirmed that the PTR record is correct and TLS is working. I checked our PTR record, which resolves to the cPanel host.

    I also found this post yesterday evening: Easy-FIX-your-SMTP-banner-SMTP-greeting-and-Reverse-DNS-for-Dedicated-IPs.

    I deactivated "introduce a delay" for evaluation purposes. After that, no warnings were shown. So, as you mentioned in that post, those warnings can be ignored.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Thanks for the additional details - I'm glad to hear things are working well!


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