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Transfer from Plesk Obsidian 18.0.61 Update #5



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  Can you try manually packaging the account on the server to see if you get the same issue?

    cd /scripts
    chmod +x pkgacct-pXa
    /scripts/pkgacct-pXa username

    You'll just need to replace "username" in that last command with the username of the account.

  • Unnamed User

    Dont working

    pXa Copying home directory...No such file or directory at /tmp/x2UuaHz9t6/lib/Filesys/POSIX/ line 48.
            Filesys::POSIX::Error::throw(2) called at /tmp/x2UuaHz9t6/lib/Filesys/ line 187
            Filesys::POSIX::_find_inode(Cpanel::Pkgacct::Archive=HASH(0x55d6a522da70), "fs/user/var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxx.xx/public_html/cgi-bin") called at /tmp/x2UuaHz9t6/lib/Filesys/ line 228
            Filesys::POSIX::lstat(Cpanel::Pkgacct::Archive=HASH(0x55d6a522da70), "fs/user/var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxx.xx/public_html/cgi-bin") called at /tmp/x2UuaHz9t6/lib/Filesys/POSIX/3rdParty/ line 30
            Filesys::POSIX::3rdParty::Wrappers::forced_alias(Cpanel::Pkgacct::Archive=HASH(0x55d6a522da70), "fs/user/var/www/vhosts/xxxxxxxx.xx/public_html/cgi-bin", "cpmove-mydomain/homedir/public_html/cgi-bin") called at /tmp/x2UuaHz9t6/scripts/ line 3307
            Script::Pkgacct::pXa::copy_homedir(Script::Pkgacct::pXa=HASH(0x55d6a3e5d680)) called at /tmp/x2UuaHz9t6/scripts/ line 221
            Script::Pkgacct::pXa::script() called at /tmp/x2UuaHz9t6/scripts/ line 49

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Well, at least the error is consistent, so that's good.  Could you submit a ticket so the server can be examined?  We'll likely need to perform an strace of the pkgacct script to see where it is failing.


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