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We constantly receive e-mails to an address that does not belong to us.



  • quietFinn

    Apparently has MX record(s) pointing to your server.

    dig MX
    to see the MX records


  • Unnamed User

    yes it is as you said , thank you.
    When I query domain mx which does not belong to us
    It appears as one of the IP addresses defined for us on the server.
    There are 20 dedicated IPs in our new server.

    What can we do about this?
    Let's contact the place where we get server service.
    I think it looks like (for example) has used this IP address before.
    And because it stays that way, we receive emails.

    Will this cause us to enter spam lists or delivery problems in the future?

    Or not to use that IP address completely and have it deleted?

    Email communication is very important to us.
    We have not transferred the sites to the new server yet.

    What would be your suggestion in this case?

  • quietFinn

    I would remove that IP address if possible.
    or you could be a bit nasty and create an account for and then discard all emails sent to it. 🙄


  • Unnamed User

    I understand.
    I'm thinking of removing the IP address.

    The bad thing is.

    We created a 2 ns record for the server.
    The record with ns2 belonged to this IP address :)

    What can I do for ns2 registration?
    1-) I can edit the ns2 record from my domain panel and replace it with another dedicated IP address on my server.
    Afterwards, I can replace the ns2 and a records with the new ip in the dns zone manager on my hosting panel.

    2-) Completely delete the ns2 record (both domain panel and hosting panel)
    Create a new record called ns3 and define a new IP address for it.
    I can set it to be ns1 and ns3 on the server.

    How can I proceed in terms of stability and avoiding DNS problems in the future?

    Editing the existing ns2 record may cause dns cache problems globally.
    I'm not too sure, it's not something I know very well.

    I'm looking for the clearest and most guaranteed way.


  • quietFinn

    Change the IP address of ns2 in registrar AND in DNS of the nameserver's domain.
    Then wait 2 days and after that you can delete the IP address.


  • Unnamed User

    Thank you very much for your answers, I appreciate it
    Let me ask a few more questions.

    We defined 20 IPs to our new server.
    We created 2 IP addresses for the ns1 and ns2 records and defined them to the default host.

    Such a problem occurred with one of those IP addresses.
    Since the MX record of another domain points to our IP address, we receive spam emails.

    other 18 ip addresses
    Is there a chance to check the sites before transferring them from the old server?
    If there is a problem with the IP addresses after the transfer, it will be a big problem for us.

    I only checked it as a blacklist, I didn't think of this.

    for example
    * Does an mx record point to our IP address like the problem we are experiencing?
    * ip reputation

    Also, are there any things we need to specify when we want a dedicated IP when buying a server?
    Are there any differences in quality or class in IP addresses?
    In order to avoid such a problem, is it possible to buy rope that has never been used or is of a different class?
    It doesn't matter if it's expensive.

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    At this point on the internet, there is no change you're going to get an IP address that has never been used.  They simply no longer exist.

    If the emails are reaching your server and you don't want them, there really isn't much you can do about that except to handle them in the best manner for your system.  For example: used to be on the IP that is now managed on your server
    -that domain is still registered and pointed to your machine through DNS

    In that example situation, there's nothing you can do - your server *will* receive that traffic.

    If this was my machine, I'd just create an account for the domain in question and delete all the incoming emails.

  • Unnamed User

    The incoming e-mails are spam and junk e-mails, I think they are not real.
    Defining a domain and deleting it won't do us any good :)

    So, wouldn't it negatively affect our hosting when emails are sent to our server like this?

    for example
    Gmail or Outlook are sending emails to our IP address and they are constantly rejected.
    Wouldn't the reputation of this IP address be badly affected?
    Yes, it is not our fault, but after all, when e-mails sent to an IP address are constantly rejected, doesn't this affect us indirectly?

    of an IP address
    Is there anything I can scan to see if it is kept in the MX record on a domain?

    for example
    The IP address is kept in the mx record or ns record of a domain address.
    Maybe it's a bit ridiculous, but I thought I'd ask :)


  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Yes, but instead of rejecting the messages constantly, if you created an account you just delete them automatically.  No more bounces.

    Either way, I don't think this would negatively affect your reputation - it's not your fault the messages are bouncing and you aren't the sender.


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