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No version number on server



  • Unnamed User

    Also when I check my licence: 


    I get this error:

    Error message:
    The cPanel license server said that a license could not be issued for your server (500).
    For more information visit:

    The exact message was: Invalid version number '' (


  • Unnamed User

    Got some files from another server and uploaded them via sftp and after forcing the update I finally fixed it. Don't know what caused it, but I will keep an eye on it!

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Hey there!  /usr/local/cpanel/version would contain the full cPanel version, including the 11 at the front, so I'd expect to see something like in that file.

    Let me know if anything else happens with the machine!

  • Unnamed User

    The file was empty 0 along with other files! I don’t know what caused it!
    I entered the version manually and the cpanel file was also zero kb! Empty! So I got these files from another server and run via ssh the update command and all came back! Never had this issue before!


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