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anyone uses e-mail/db/www nodes in production ?



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    I know there are users taking advantage of these tools. I moved this over to the Hyperscalers forum along with a notification to see if that will get you more traffic to this post.
  • cagsmith
    We're not at the present time. We've explored the possibility and may well look seriously into database nodes in the near future. Email nodes for me seem kind of useless because it has to basically be 1:1... you can't have multiple servers with their email served from 1 singular separate server, which really defeats the purpose. I'd love to be able to offload email to 1 (or 2) separate servers... perhaps that will work better down the road.
  • monarobase
    We had big hopes for the mail node. The first versions during the beta allowed us so set seperate email quotas but final version removed that ability and made it useless for us for the time being. We hope the mail node feature will be finished some day too.

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