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Apache won't restart



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    Hey there! That's definitely odd to me as we haven't used that file path in some time, and I confirmed on a test machine that /usr/local/apache/conf.d.modules doesn't exist in a CentOS 7/11.110 environment. I would check and see if any of the include files in /etc/apache2/conf.d/includes are referencing that path. If so, comment out that line and then see if you can rebuild the configuration. If that doesn't work, I would recommend submitting a ticket to our team so we can take a look at the system.
  • Mthokozisi
    I tried searching for any reference and there is none. The command: nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    Returned an empty config file.

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