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Unable to Update the Quota File When Creating an FTP Account



  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    Hey hey! What do you get when you run this? ls -lah /home/username/.ftpquota I'd expect it to be 600 with username:username ownership. /home/username is always 711 with username:username ownership. Those are the two most likely paths that would cause this behavior.
  • vatra
    Interestingly enough none of my users have .ftpquota files in their home directories. But I figured it out. The issue was not with permissions but with ownership.
    • When I created the /home/user/bkp
      folder for a user I was logged in as root, which set ownership of the folder to root:root
    • No wonder cPanel couldn't create/edit the .ftpquota file since its ownership is user:user
    • So I ran the command chown user: /home/user/bkp
      to give this folder a user:user
      ownership so it will become usable by the user.
    • I edited the FTP account quota through cPanel and the .ftpquota file was created.
    Thank you Rex!
  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator
    That would do it!!

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