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Error: (XID k5yhmj) The domain “” already exists in the userdata.



  • Andrew

    Do you have a DNS record or a redirect setup for this domain already?

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  • rbairwell

    If you have "root" access to the server, running:


    (replacing with your domain name) will show whose account that domain name is registered against.)

    The IP address [REDACTED] your domain name currently resolves to shows a page asking to contact your hosting provided TechSlideITS , however that is not showing up as a being (or having been) a licensed cPanel server (despite it running the cPanel software suite - cPRex how is this possible apart from the *cough* "obvious").

  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    Ram Dvpr - please don't share personal data like domains or IP addresses in the Community for your own security.

    rbairwell - it could be as simple as the domain being on a dedicated IP address.


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