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Too many notification messages on Emily from the server



  • Andrew

    You have multiple "issues" here. First you need to adjust the configuration of CSF not to flood you with virtual memory site alerts like that (you can adjust the treshold in the config file). Second, you need to set a DKIM on that domain name from where the alerts are being sent out to actually pass gmail requirenments.

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  • cPRex Jurassic Moderator

    I just want to add that CSF is not our product, so you may need to reach out to them directly for more assistance:

  • Unnamed User

    I did not install CSF
    Messages are still arriving frequently on the server

  • mtindor

    You may not have installed CSF, but it looks like CSF is installed / was installed by somebody else.

    It looks like typical emails from the server (root) that are being forwarded to a Gmail address of yours.   Because your server does not have DKIM signing set up, nor proper SPF record set up, for the primary hostname of the server, those emails are being rejected by Google.

    WHM --> Email --> Email Deliverability

    Make sure the DKIM key listed on that page is added to DNS (wherever DNS is handled for your server domain) and that an SPF record exists and includes the IP address of your server.

    People aren't going to be able to help you any more than that without information about your server, which you didn't provide and which cPanel would probably delete anyway if you did post it.

    So you are likely on your own at this point



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